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Waisamama - Organic Green Guayusa Leaf
Waisamama - Organic Green Guayusa Leaf
Waisamama - What is Guayusa?

What is Guayusa?


Guayusa is a leaf from the Amazon rainforest with an uplifting blend of caffeine, l-theanine, theobromine, and polyphenol antioxidants, which combine to give you calm, focused energy that doesn’t cause jitters or a crash.

Known as “Yerba Mate’s smoother cousin,” Guayusa and Yerba Mate are both species of the holly tree family; however, guayusa contains l-theanine and no bitter tannins, making it smoother in both flavour and effect.


Focused Mind

No jitters, no crash

Sustained Energy

Slow-release caffeine

Certified Organic

Brewed in Canada

Support Farming

Supports farming communities in Ecuador

Naturally Sweetened

Only 35 calories per can

Organic Guayusa ‑ Cold Brew 

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Cold Brew Guayusa
Cold Brew Guayusa
Cold Brew Guayusa
Cold Brew Guayusa

Organic Guayusa ‑ Loose Leaf 

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Loose Leaf Guayusa
Loose Leaf Guayusa
125 g
1000 g
Waisamama - Organic Green Guayusa Leaf

Guayusa Helps Preserve the Amazon Rainforest

Guayusa is known as an underbrush tree, meaning that it flourishes under the canopy of larger species. The cultivation of guayusa is a practice done within and amongst the already existing ecosystems of the Amazon, meaning there is no clear-cutting of ancient forests or mass destruction of the diverse local wildlife's habitat.

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