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Waisa Mama Guayusa Energy Tea

Waisa Mama's Guayusa energy tea is lightly sweetened using Organic Monk Fruit extract and a touch of Organic Cane Sugar. Monk fruit (also known as, “Lo Han Guo”) is a healthy, natural sweetener that was discovered by Buddhist monks in Southeast Asia and has been used by them since the 13th century. It is rich in antioxidants and contains zero sugar or calories. This means that every bottle of our Waisa Mama Guayusa brew is approximately 40 calories (from approx. 8 grams of eco-social, organic cane sugar). 

[Typical iced tea beverages contain approx. 40g of processed sugar!]

The Guayusa leaf contains very high amounts of antioxidants (around twice that of green tea) as well as high levels of theobromine and L-theanine (as you now know). Some documented benefits of L-theanine include:  increased mental focus, increased cognitive function, relaxation, improved sleep, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system (...the list goes on)

We seek to present Waisa Mama customers with the wonders of Guayusa in a healthy, delicious, highly-energizing brew of Guayusa tea, made with the highest quality organic and ethically sourced ingredients. 

We have spent countless hours sourcing top-quality ingredients and perfecting our recipes, in search of creating three unique flavours. Our initial three flavours are:

  • Berry Mojito
  • Lemon Ginger
  • White Peach

We look forward to you trying Waisa Mama’s Organic Guayusa brew soon. Our hope is that it benefits you as profoundly as it has us. 



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