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About Us

Waisamama - About Us

Our mission is to help preserve the Amazon rainforest by selling guayusa products that support sustainable farms and Kichwa farming communities.


Guayusa farms contribute to the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

Clear-cutting and mono-cropping practices are commonplace for many crops grown in the Amazon rainforest, which has devastating impacts on the environment.

Guayusa trees, however, grow well in the shade of large canopy trees, meaning that these trees may remain intact within guayusa farms (i.e., no clear-cutting).

Waisamama Guayusa - Picking guayusa leaves

Guayusa Farm

Waisamama Guayusa - Guayusa farm

Coffee Plantation

Since guayusa trees can grow up to 75 feet tall, the expansion of guayusa farms into areas that were previously clear-cut is contributing to the reforestation of the Amazon. Most other crops do not contribute to reforestation (e.g., coffee plants grow only a few feet in height and most plantations are clear-cut and mono-cropped).

Economic support for Kichwa communities enables them to preserve the rainforest and Kichwa culture.

Since guayusa trees grow best within Kichwa-owned areas of the rainforest, guayusa sales give their communities greater financial independence so they can refuse government and corporate initiatives to use their land for oil production and environmentally harmful agriculture operations.

We seek to support Kichwa communities' future generations through partnerships and fundraising initiatives and to help them preserve the rainforest and Kichwa culture.

Waisamama -  Kichwa communities' future generations through partnerships and fundraising initiatives and to help them preserve the rainforest and Kichwa culture.
Waisamama Guayusa - About us

Based in Canada

Waísamama is dedicated to promoting responsible environmental and economic practices while contributing to causes that benefit both the Kichwa farming communities and our communities here in Canada

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the potential of guayusa.

Dan Boychuk (Calgary AB, Canada)
Andrew Moore (Errington BC, Canada)

Environmental Sustainability

Our loose-leaf bags are made out of omni-degradable material, which can be composted in backyard compost bins where they break down into natural materials and leave behind no trace of microplastics.


We chose to use lightweight aluminum cans for our beverages as they are more energy-efficient to ship, are sourced within North America where there are high environmental standards placed on manufacturing, and because they are infinitely recyclable.


Our beverages are cold-brewed, which along with preserving the flavours and antioxidants of the guayusa leaf better than extended hot brewing, also uses far less energy to manufacture.


In everything we do, we seek to make choices that help minimize our environmental impact whenever possible.

Community Initiatives

January 2022: Kichwa Fundraiser: Kichwa communities have been more isolated than ever during COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. They requested computers for the children to continue their education from home and to help nearby families use the computers to make it easier to contact the cities for food and supplies.

Annual: Fundraisers with the Canadian Mental Health Association to help gain awareness around mental health causes and contribute proceeds to help support mental health support programs.

2020/2021: Product donations to first-line responders and healthcare workers in Alberta, Canada during the COVID-19 response.

December 2020: Kichwa Fundraiser to purchase computer equipment for a Kichwa farming community to help them during the COVID-19 response.

We look forward to continuing to find ways to give to these causes and communities in the future!

We are proud to present our line of organic guayusa products!

Waisamama - Guayusa Selection of our three flavors



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