Waisa Mama - Our Story

How it all began

Andrew discovered Guayusa tea leaves about a year ago, as a part of his experimental search for physically and mentally beneficial products from around the world. For those who don’t know, Andrew is super passionate (mildly obsessed) with health and vitality, and he is continuously searching for healthy herbs, supplements, foods, lifestyles, activities, etc. that can help maximize our everyday potential. What started as an interest in an energizing cup of tea, has now turned into a love affair with what we think is one of the most revitalizing and sustainable sources of energy we have ever found. 

Guayusa contains high levels of an amino acid called "L-theanine". I (Dan) have been super interested in the calming effects of L-theanine for a few years now, and have introduced it to several of my friends and family members over the years (many of you know what I’m talking about). Numerous people I know were dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis, including myself, and L-theanine, which is naturally found in some green teas (and in recent years formulated as an extract) was helping literally everyone I introduced it to. So, when Andrew told me that Guayusa contains a high concentration of naturally occurring L-theanine, I was very intrigued.

The many benefits of Guayusa

We live in a world that is fuelled by caffeine. We use it to get us moving in the morning and to keep us operating at a high energy level throughout the day. I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for many years, and even though I do like the way it gets me going, it can also cause unpleasant side effects, ranging from minor uneasiness and shakiness to full-blown anxiety/panic attacks when too much is consumed. Anyone who regularly drinks coffee or caffeinated products has likely experienced these side effects. However, when you put L-theanine into the equation, it makes a world of difference. The major difference with L-theanine is that it takes away those nervous, shaky feelings that caffeine can cause, and instead it helps you feel relaxed. This allows you to put your energy to better use in a calm and focused way. 

So, after learning about the many benefits of Guayusa we both started drinking Guayusa in place of our morning coffee and as a replacement for energy drinks. What we discovered was that not only did it make us feel alert, focused, calm and energetic, but that it had a lot of other benefits too. 

Both of us noticed:

  • We did not have wired or anxious feelings when drinking Guayusa, which we regularly feel with coffee or energy drinks
  • Our mouths felt cleaner; no bad breath or stained teeth that comes with coffee. 
  • We no longer suffered from heartburn. For the last ten years, we have both had heartburn, from which coffee was the likely culprit.
  • We could drink Guayusa throughout the day and didn’t crash afterwards, as is typical with other caffeine drinks.

With Guayusa, we can drink it at any time and it gives us a boost, making us feel awake and GOOD, not awake and wired. Because there are slow-digesting enzymes in Guayusa, the energetic feeling you receive leaves just as smoothly as it comes on —  there is no crash like what is commonly experienced with other caffeinated beverages.

All this said, we both fully believe that Guayusa has the potential to make a huge impact on people’s lives. The number of people we know who often battle with feelings of anxiety is staggering, and all of these same people drink coffee and/or energy drinks. Guayusa is an alternative that can allow you to reach your full potential in being productive at whatever you may be doing, while at the same time feeling calm, focused and happy. We won’t downplay it... it’s huge! 

Bringing Ideas to Life

We thought, “how fun would it be to figure out the best way to brew it, make it taste good, keep it healthy, bottle it, and share it with everyone we know?!”. So, we have made it our mission to source the highest quality, healthy, sustainable and organic ingredients in order to create that perfect Guayusa beverage. After countless batches, creating different flavours, and many highly caffeinated days (and nights) in the kitchen, we think we have landed the perfect brew that we are excited to share with you!

So with that, we are proud to introduce to you...

Waisa Mama Organic Beverage Co.

(Waisamama: The Kichwa tribe's name for the mother spirit of the Guayusa plant)