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What is Guayusa?

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Guayusa is a leaf from the Amazon rainforest with an uplifting blend of caffeine, l-theanine, theobromine, and polyphenol antioxidants, which combine to give you calm, focused energy that doesn’t cause jitters or a crash.

Known as “Yerba Mate’s smoother cousin,” Guayusa and Yerba Mate are both species of the holly tree family; however, guayusa contains l-theanine and no bitter tannins, making it smoother in both flavour and effect.

How Guayusa Helps You Get In the Flow

Caffeine + L-Theanine

The combination of these two compounds has been found to increase alertness, attention, and focus while reducing anxiety and jitteriness.

Long Lasting Energy

A study published in Food Research International in 2017 found that guayusa tea had a longer half-life of caffeine in the bloodstream compared to green tea and yerba mate.


Guayusa has been found to have a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score, with studies showing that it contains more antioxidants per serving than green tea and blueberries.

Guayusa farms contribute to the reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.

Clear-cutting and mono-cropping practices are commonplace for many crops grown in the Amazon rainforest, which has devastating impacts on the environment.

Guayusa trees, however, grow well in the shade of large canopy trees, meaning that these trees may remain intact within guayusa farms (i.e., no clear-cutting).

Waisamama Guayusa - Picking guayusa leaves

Guayusa Farm

Waisamama Guayusa - Guayusa farm

Coffee Plantation

Since guayusa trees can grow up to 75 feet tall, the expansion of guayusa farms into areas that were previously clear-cut is contributing to the reforestation of the Amazon. Most other crops do not contribute to reforestation (e.g., coffee plants grow only a few feet in height and most plantations are clear-cut and mono-cropped).

Economic support for Kichwa communities enables them to preserve the rainforest and Kichwa culture.

Since guayusa trees grow best within Kichwa-owned areas of the rainforest, guayusa sales give their communities greater financial independence so they can refuse government and corporate initiatives to use their land for oil production and environmentally harmful agriculture operations.

We seek to support Kichwa communities' future generations through partnerships and fundraising initiatives and to help them preserve the rainforest and Kichwa culture.

Waisamama -  Kichwa communities' future generations through partnerships and fundraising initiatives and to help them preserve the rainforest and Kichwa culture.

The Meaning Of Waísamama

The Kichwa people of the Amazon rainforest refer to guayusa as Waísamama, a word synonymous with the powerful energy within rivers that run crystal clear. The Kichwa believe that by drinking guayusa and immersing in the river at dawn, one can cultivate Waísamama, giving them long-lasting vitality throughout the day.


We are proud to present our line of organic guayusa products!

Waisamama - Guayusa



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