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What is Guayusa?

Guayusa is one of three caffeinated trees in the Holly family that grows primarily in the Ecuadorian region of the Amazon. Its leaves are brewed like tea to create a highly stimulating beverage that has been consumed ceremonially for centuries by many Amazonian tribes, most notably by members of the Kichwa tribe. They drink Guayusa for it's calming and energizing properties, for its capacity to aid in lucid dreaming, as well as to analyze and draw meaning from the dreams they had the night before. 

Until recently, the leaf has not been shared with the world as it is revered as sacred by the tribes; however, in recent years, Guayusa exports have helped provide 3,000 local indigenous farming families with economic stability. Guayusa is also responsible for the largest reforestation project in Ecuador, with over 1.3 million trees planted to date. 

 Ecuadorian Sunset over Amazon River

Benefits Of Guayusa

  • Guayusa has a naturally high Caffeine content providing lots of energy to fuel your day
  • It's slow-digesting enzymes cause the caffeine to come on gradually, last for an extended period and fade away slowly leaving no crash!
  • Guayusa leaves contain another natural component, Theobromine (the stimulant found in dark chocolate), giving it a unique boost.
  • The leaves contain high amounts of L-Theanine, an amino acid that has calming, anti-stress properties 
  • A plethora of anti-oxidants (more than either Green tea or Yerba Mate!)